Sunday, July 19, 2015

This year...

This year we are not camping in the Rockies.... *sad face*... but we will still be camping high up where the weather can be interesting. The Cypress Hill Inter-Provincial Park hits around 7000 feet above sea level at it's highest point. We will be camping on the Alberta side (the other side is in Saskatchewan). This is also where I grew up as a child, as my father was a forest ranger/park ranger there! But I have not camped there since 1991 so I am excited to take 2 of my three kiddos out for four nights. I will post photos of the campground we chose and of the lake and area when we return. It's not the mountains, but if you are looking for somewhere new to camp, you have to check out the Cypress Hills!

From last year's camping tips and tricks ideas, I already have 3 baggies full of dryer lint, ready for starting up our campfires. It worked really great last year and was my favorite Pinterest find. And of course I am taking along the foam squares for the tent flooring - tied for my favourite Pinterest find :)