Monday, April 7, 2014

Camping Tips and Tricks - Breakfast

The best part about camping? The food of course! We tend to like the fire-grilled steak, burgers, and hot dogs but I have been collecting some awesome camping food ideas for this trip! These are the BREAKFAST ideas I have found that look great from various sites

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(You can buy ready-diced potatoes such as McCain Breakfast Potatoes)

(this is to-die-for, cooked at home in the oven, so can't wait to try it while camping as a breakfast surprise)

(bake Pillsbury refridgerated dough rolls inside hollowed out oranges - eat the oranges too, of course)

(if you really want to prepare, make ahead some burritos, roll in foil and store in your cooler - throw them on the fire in the morning!)

(something I've never seen before - cooking bacon and eggs in a paper bag over a low fire/heat from the embers)
 Cheater Skillet Monkey bread 
 (similar to one above but even easier for camping)
 bring a box or two along in your cooler and toss in whatever you like with it (sweeter the better!)
(okay this is prob more for mom and dad, but an idea to steal from this is to bring along a freezer bag filled with a pre-measured amount of Bisquick or your own base baking mix and other ingredients to make fresh pancakes right over the fire - YUM)
(yum!! sounds great - layer sausages or bacon along bottom of foil pack and layer with whatever you want really- can use more of those diced potatoes or bring along a bag of hashbrowns too)
Muffin Tin Eggs - this is my Fave Idea of all!
(I have a 6-tin muffin pan which is perfect for the 5 of us that should be going. Throw those in an english muffin, perhaps, for your own 'breakfast burger', as my 6 yr old calls them)
(my MOST Fave Idea of all - and so easy to find a spot to cook it if you have eggs in the frying pan)